Check out our current feature set

Unikube Features

Unikube is still in an early state, but we are working hard to implement more features. The following list should help you understand, what Unikube can currently do. We also provide a little outlook towards what the future will bring.

Whatever the case may be, Unikube will support you

Unikube is the Cloud Native solution for you, your company and your team. And for working with Kubernetes, obviously.

Stop waiting

No more waiting for container images to build.

Developers don’t have to wait hours for their code to commit, build and deploy to an integration system. They can write new code directly in the specific environment of your project.
Unikube is all about developer experience.

Have fun coding

High release cadence and top development efficiency.

With Unikube as your companion, you can focus on writing applications while having fun. With less back and forth with containers to the integration system, the feature development speed will peak. Let’s bring prod closer to dev.

Use your full potential

Debugging, profiling and logging like a Kubernetes Pro.

Since Kubernetes will replace Docker-Compose, Vagrant, Ansible and the variety of custom scripts, developers can harness advanced Kubernetes patterns like probes, sidecars, operators and custom resource definitions in their apps. With Unikube they are able to attach a debugger and introspect the requests flying around.

Work with your favourites

Use the tools you already have in your belt.

You can go ahead with the development tools you already love: IDEs, programming languages, integrations, etc. If you can run a container locally, all requirements for Unikube are already satisfied.

Develop locally

Unikube loves complex platforms and microservice architectures.

Unikube provides a 99% production-like development environment. Don’t rely just on code-syncing. Bridge traffic from the service conglomerate to your local development version and write your application directly against real services.

Take data easy

Check out a feature branch and get the corresponding data.

Data is a first-class citizen of Unikube. As a developer, you don’t have to care about the complexity of databases, volumes and other states. Unikube is here for you to load fixtures, test data or manage database schemes with one command.

What is keeping you from turning to Cloud Native development today?

Unikube does not assume your production infrastructure nor your release management or CI/CD pipelines. You simply register, adopt one tool and the rest happens automagically.

If you don't believe it, go ahead and book a demo with our engineers or try it out yourself.