Local Kubernetes development made easy.

    Unikube automates rolling out Kubernetes environments to your team, installing all necessary tools and dependencies without any Kubernetes knowledge needed.

    Start coding directly with Kubernetes as your local development environment. “Works on my machine” is a theme of the past.

    Unikube extends K8s into a dev environment without the complexity

    You are already configuring your production environment using K8s manifests, helm charts or kustomize files, why aren’t you rolling out that exact environment to your devs?

    It’s the question we want to answer with Unikube. We want DevProd parity while hiding the K8s complexity from devs. Unikube let’s devs code with Kubernetes in mere minutes using everything Kubernetes has to offer while not giving up on working with their favorite IDE, debugging, code hot reloading…

    If you want to know more about the development process for Unikube check out our concept draft. Or visit our FAQs to answer some quick questions.

    Project up!

    One command and your devs have a perfectly configured local cluster running.

    unikube project up[INFO] Setting up a Kubernetes cluster (with provider k3d) for project 'awesome app'[INFO] Kubernetes cluster for 'awesome app' does not exist. Creating it now...[SUCCESS] The project cluster is up.

    Only what you really need.

    Unikube provides you with exactly the required part of the service architecture that you need. And it works as quickly as docker-compose. Check out our deck concept.

    unikube deck install[INFO] Now requesting manifests. This process may take a few seconds.[INFO] Installing Kubernetes resources to the cluster[INFO] The cluster is currently applying all changes, this may take several minutes.[SUCCESS] Start coding. :)

    All the convenience you know.

    Switch a locally running container with an instance running in a (Unikube provided) Kubernetes cluster.

    All network traffic from and to the cluster instance is tunneled to the local application. Developers can make changes to the source code, files, environment variables (and other settings) and let them run in the context of all other attached services.

    unikube app switch --app account-service[INFO] Preparing your docker image[INFO] Switching deployment with your image.[INFO] Successfully switched app account-service

    Save resources. Change context quickly.

    Shut down one cluster, quickly spin up another, save your resources. Just like you know from docker-compose.

    unikube project down? Please select a project: 'awesome app'[INFO] Stopping Kubernetes cluster for 'awesome app'[SUCCESS] The project cluster is down.

    How to set up a Kubernetes app in under 140 seconds

    In this demo our head of development Michael explains how you can set up a complete Kubernetes app in less than 140 seconds. It's an easy hands-on explanation you can just follow along. Check it out now!

    The future of application development

    "Cloud native is the future of application development, with massive potential for business impact - [...] to move an idea into production quickly and efficiently." --Accenture--

    What Unikube will do for you

    Unikube enables the fully automated replication of a productive cluster on a developer's laptop.

    Fast onboarding

    Developers are ready to work in an exact replication of your productive infrastructure within minutes and don’t need any specific infrastructure knowledge. Unikube also provides easy access to all services of your application so developers can do their testing locally.

    Fewer bugs

    The streamlined dev process with Unikube will make DevOps a piece of cake. Documentation, environment variables, secrets, permissions... everything is provisioned automatically to your devs. Conflicts between local development and productive systems are gone.

    Easy DevOps

    The whole management of applications and services in a Kubernetes cluster is made super easy, fast and efficient. It only takes a few clicks to create a new project. In case you want you can learn more details about operators involvement check out our concept draft.

    Unikube combines

    ... ease-of use, platform independence and collaboration like no other solution.

    Sounds interesting?

    By the way: Unikube is supported by the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung.

    You've got questions about Unikube that we aren't specifically answering in our FAQs? Just book yourself a call and we'll discuss this together.

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