Kubernetes native application development

    Unikube supports and automates the process of developing applications for service based architectures that run on top of Kubernetes.

    We help developers to start coding cloud natively fast, without worrying about the ins and outs of complex Kubernetes infrastructures.

    Unikube streamlines your application development process

    Unikube helps your developers concentrate on what they do best: write code. While it also relieves the pressure on your operations, as conflicts are reduced to a minimum.

    How to set up a Kubernetes app in under 140 seconds

    In this demo our head of development Michael explains how you can set up a complete Kubernetes app in less than 140 seconds. It's an easy hands-on explanation you can just follow along. Check it out now!

    The future of application development

    "Cloud native is the future of application development, with massive potential for business impact - [...] to move an idea into production quickly and efficiently." --Accenture--

    What Unikube will do for you

    Unikube enables the fully automated replication of a productive cluster on a developer's laptop.

    Fast onboarding

    Developers are ready to work in an exact replication of your productive infrastructure within minutes and don’t need any specific infrastructure knowledge. Unikube also provides easy access to all services of your application so developers can do their integration testing already locally.

    Fewer bugs

    The streamlined dev process with Unikube will make DevOps a piece of cake. Documentation, environment variables, secrets, permissions... everything is provisioned automatically to your devs. Conflicts between local development and productive systems are gone.

    Easy DevOps

    The whole management of applications and services in a Kubernetes cluster is made super easy and fast.

    Unikube combines

    ... ease-of use, platform independence and collaboration like no other solution.

    Sounds interesting?

    You've got questions about Unikube? Wondering how this would look for you specifically? Well, book yourself a call and we'll discuss this together.