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Easy application development for kubernetes environments

Unikube combines ease of use, platform independence and collaboration like no other solution.

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Cloud computing and kubernetes are the biggest paradigm changes in software development in decades.

Our mission is to make cloud native development and kubernetes accessible for every dev team, regardless of experience.

For operation teams: You define your infrastructure and workflows. All deployments will adhere to your rules. Easy management of application clusters included.

For developers: Stop thinking about kubernetes, just develop. Unikube will take care of setting up your application configuration and deployments. No more hassle.

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Unikube is the convenient way of developing with an exact copy of the production environment:
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Automate and standardize development process & documentation.
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Replicate the production environment to the developer's machine in no time.
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Spare developer from kubernetes complexity.
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Easily connect to other environments like staging or production.
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Enable streamlined DevOps with fast developments, zero hiccups and zero downtime.
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Make kubernetes viable also for smaller applications.
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Working with Unikube means production and local environment are in the same state.

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Send us an e-mail to unikube@blueshoe.de


Cloud native is the future of application development, with massive potential for business impact - [...] to move an idea into production quickly and efficiently.



Some power numbers

Gartner Research survey of 2020 Cloud Native Computing Foundation Platform9, Po00 on KubeCon


Gartner Research projects that 80% of all on-premises private clouds will run kubernetes by 2025.


of orchestration users use kubernetes.


can't find enough qualified staff for their kurbernetes needs.


cloud computing is projected to become a $357 Billion powerhouse.

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Unikube combines

... ease-of use, platform independence and collaboration like no other solution

Unikube was developed to

… make kubernetes adoption as easy as possible, to give everyone the chance to enjoy the advantages of cloud native development.

Unikube comes with

… a convenience focused command line interface (CLI) & web interface.

Unikube offers

… a helpful SaaS platform for project administration.